This transformation saw Bertlay Ltd embarking on an ambitious extension project that commenced with the underpinning of the main walls of the existing structure. A below-ground foundation was meticulously crafted to provide a stable base for the new pool and pool room.

To ensure the structural integrity and an abundance of natural light, our expert steel manufacturing team designed and installed a robust steel frame. This frame not only supported the construction but also accommodated a generously sized roof lantern, mirroring the dimensions of the pool itself.

Collaboration was key, and we worked closely with a specialized swimming pool contractor to precisely position the pipework to allow for pumps, jets, and drainage. The result is a harmoniously integrated pool and pool room, blending into the existing property.

The crowning touch came with the installation of two sets of bi-folding doors that gracefully open the pool room to the outdoor space. This thoughtful design creates a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior, making it a truly fantastic addition to the property. At Bertlay Ltd, we don’t just build structures; we craft transformative spaces that enhance the quality of life for our clients. It’s a reflection of our commitment to innovation and quality.